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Advantages Of Ribbed Anti-Skid Aluminum

With many outstanding advantages such as high strength, good skid resistance, anti-skid aluminum products are increasingly applied in daily life.

Aluminum is a very popular material in today's society, but ordinary aluminum sheet has a smooth surface, so for many areas that require slip resistance, it cannot meet it. So scientists have spent a lot of time and dedication to research the type of anti-skid aluminum. It inherits all the advantages of aluminum alloy along with good slip resistance.

Advantages of anti-slip ribbed aluminum

Non-slip ribbed aluminum is distributed by non-slip aluminum import companies. In essence, they are aluminum alloys, processed deformed to create anti-slip ribs for the surface, with high friction.

Non-slip ribbed aluminum fully inherits the advantages of aluminum alloy in terms of good corrosion resistance, high insulation capacity, rigidity and perfect lifespan. Not only that, it also has different thicknesses and aluminum grades so it will have its own characteristics to suit each customer's needs.

If customers come to the companies who sell non-slip aluminum to find and ask about the application of this product, most of it is used in high-slippery locations to minimize accidents and wear. safe for humans. To know more specifically about its applications, you need to spend more time.

1. Application in vehicles

Non-slip ribbed aluminum has the advantage of being much lighter weight than steel but still ensuring durability, good bearing capacity, so it has become a commonly used material for means of transportation. fuel consumption costs. Places such as the floor of the car, steps up and down ... often have people moving around and depositing on the dirt, slippery floors at these locations need to use ribbed aluminum to prevent slipping.

2. Application in ship design

The imported anti-slip aluminum products are distributed by quality non-slip aluminum distribution companies in addition to possessing high physical strength, the chemical durability is also an advantage. Genuine anti-slip aluminum products always have high corrosion resistance, introduced by many anti-slip aluminum distribution companies, promoting these superior features. Therefore, today on board ships, aluminum anti-skid tendon is preferred to use to line the deck, cabin, ship stairs, ship side stairs ...

3. Application in architecture

In addition to the applications in the transport industry, anti-skid aluminum is widely used in construction architecture and daily life. It satisfies both aesthetic requirements and high level of safety. Not only that, with a shiny, scratch-resistant outer surface, it is very suitable for the design of stairs, floors, elevators.

4. Application in the factory production

Thanks to the superior physical and chemical properties, anti-skid aluminum is also used in many factories, as stairs, factory floors, anti-slip warehouses, decorative cladding, floors of lifting equipment ...

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