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How to distinguish brass and copper

What is brass? What is copper? Overview of copper and gold coins

Not everyone knows that: Brass and copper are the two common copper alloys today. However, if you just rely on the outside appearance, you will probably be confused between these two types of copper alloy. So how are the two types of copper alloy different and should brass or copper be used in mechanical processing?

1. What is brass? How to identify brass.

Brass is known as an alloy of copper and zinc metals (also known as Golden Copper; brass; latitude). The color of brass also depends on the mixing ratio between copper and zinc metals.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Brass has the color sometimes quite similar to the color of gold metal, it can maintain its shine in normal natural environment.

Brass is a combination of copper and zinc or manganese. They are very hard, unlike copper metals, but they can break off in contact with harder metals like alloys.

This metal has a pale yellow color and when cast it gets older, it will have black or brown spots. Brass is a great metal for making items like musical instruments or furniture.

Brass can be used as an alternative alloy. Brass is used quite popular because the cost of manufacturing and refining is much cheaper than copper. That plastic property of brass only after copper. It is applied extensively in the fields of manufacturing decorations, electrical equipment, personal warheads, welding materials, and producing a lot of pneumatic instruments ... spectrophotometers, spectrophotometers. emission, making component analyzers, making component analysis equipment ...

People often wonder what is brass? What is gold coin? But in fact they are one.

Characteristics of brass

Sometimes, the color of brass is quite similar to the color of western gold. It can maintain brightness in very normal environmental conditions. Brass is yellow but depending on the zinc content of copper may vary:

- If the zinc content is 18% - 20%, the brass is red;

- If the zinc content is 20% - 30% yellow brown, 30% - 42% pale yellow;

- If the zinc content is 50% - 60% yellowish white;

- Brass used in industry usually has a zinc content of 45% or less;

How to identify Gold and Copper metal

We know that Gold and Copper are both metals and they are almost the same color. However, gold has a much higher value and is much more valuable than copper, copper usually exists in nature, and many commonly used so it is low in value and not as precious metal as gold. Want to understand how to identify gold and copper we have to try some classification methods as follows:

- For copper: they can conduct heat and electricity. It is also used as a bin for some electrical appliances and is often affected by air and is easily oxidized.
- As for Gold: they are an inert metal so it will not be affected by external agents such as air, moisture and heat, it will not dissolve into acid and does not occur any reaction. chemical unless exposing it to mercury only.

- Magnet method: When using magnets to use to distinguish real gold and some other metals such as copper, gold will not be attracted to the magnet and copper will be attracted but the attraction is relatively light.

- Acid test: When using nitric acid to test them. Gold placed in acid will not cause any color reaction. As for copper metal, when reacting with acid, chemical reaction will cause copper metal to be dark brown.

2. What is copper? The color of copper, pure copper

Copper is another name for pure copper metal and the red color is characteristic. They look quite good compared to other commodities traded copper

Characteristics of copper are quite soft, flexible and durable, optimal corrosion resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity. This copper is very soft, requiring only 1 drop of pure copper, you can extend up to 2000m and can be laminated like paper or more.

Brass with a combination of copper and zinc should have different characteristics. With the proportion of zinc, brass retains the basic properties of pure copper and improves its own properties. Accordingly, brass has just ensured the ductility of pure copper metal, but it is stronger and more solid. The electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance of this metal is greatly improved. So after this type of coin is no longer used, it is sold, the price of copper scrap buying is also higher than other types.

3. Difference between brass and red copper and copper

We can rely on the above concepts to point out the experience of scrap metal buyers

What is the definition of brass? What is copper?

What are many brass concepts? Red copper is understood and drawn by customers in a different way. Brass (also known as brass; latong) is an alloy of copper metal and zinc metal. A wide range of different brass metals were obtained due to the mixing ratio between copper and zinc. You can read more articles above to receive the latest information offline.

Distinguish color brass? Bronze color? Pure copper

Currently brass is known as an alloy of copper and zinc. While red copper - also known as pure copper - has a distinctive red color. And the color of brass (gold copper) depends on the mixing ratio between copper metal and zinc. In some cases, the color of brass is quite similar to that of gold metal.

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